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From what I've read, I suppose I should have at least three blogs: one for my life as a writer, one for my life as a school teacher, and one for my life as a publisher of Wise Moon Books.  This is too complicated for me, though.  I don't have enough time to maintain frequent posts on three blogs, so I have one blog.  Some posts you may want to read because they are about school--and I teach your child.  Some posts you may want to read because you enjoy writing and find my thoughts and experiences about writing interesting and relevant to your life.  And some of you who are considering independently self-publishing your writing may find my journey as a publisher useful and illuminating.  Hopefully, you will get to know me well enough that you find all my posts worth reading!

Tom Kepler Writing

I have written all my life and have recently self-published three books: The Stone Dragon, a fantasy novel, a small book of poetry, Bare Ruined Choirs, and a young adult novel, Love Ya Like a Sister. Right now, I am focusing my activity on rewriting the sequel to The Stone Dragon, a novel called Dragons of Blood and Stone.  On the back burner are a series of short stories, Tales from Bent River.  I've been writing rough drafts and tucking them away for the last couple of years. 

So...poetry, novels, short stories, blog posts: you will read about my struggles and triumphs here on this blog.

Tom Kepler, Classroom Teacher

I have been a classroom teacher for over thirty years, primarily in the area of language arts.  Although I have taught all grades, 7-12, I always seem to have most of my classes centered in grades 7-9, the "formative years" or the "middle years."  Enjoy reading about my school, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, a private school where "consciousness-based education" is utilized.  All students and faculty at the school practice the Transcendental Meditation Program.  The first twenty-six years of my teaching experience were in public schools.

My educational blog posts center on school activities, educational strategies and the writing process, sustainable living, and samples of student writing.  I feel it is important to have open communications with students, parents, and community; and this blog allows me to create an authentic atmosphere are communication.  It provides a way for me to communicate my ideas of teaching and also provides a platform for showcasing good examples of student achievement.

Wise Moon Books

I'll be honest, my publishing focus at this point is just to provide a vehicle for publishing some of my writing.  Even though I "authenticated" my poetry by publishing in literary "little" magazines prior to self-publishing Bare Ruined Choirs, I did not want for various reasons, to go through the process of sending the manuscript out to book and manuscript publishers.  I wanted to do it myself.

There are other books, even educational books, that I may publish through Wise Moon Books.  I feel publishing provides me with greater credibility as a teacher, because Print on Demand publishing will continue to rise in importance in the future, and individual publishing will become easier and easier.  I should be able to knowledgeably talk about this with my students.  Also, some books I print will be ones that I will publish--knowing in the future that if one of my novels is picked up by a major publishing house that I can always push my self-published works through the traditional publishing process, since I will maintained all copyrights.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and become a "follower."  I've included three means to follow me: Networked Blogs, added on through Facebook; Google Friend Connect, for those who follow blogs; and email subscription, for those who check their email more often and who would just like an email notice when I've posted a new article.  All three are easy to unsubscribe if you desire.

Enjoy, let me know what you think, and keep reading--especially my books (lol, as my son would text).

A Note About Book Reviews

I receive no payment for book reviews. Occasionally, I will receive a free review copy of a book, but I am under no obligation to write any review--and I only publish what I consider to be fair and honest reviews.

Privacy Statement

 All information that is available to me as administrator of this blog is kept confidential. No information is given or sold to outside agencies, and no information is used by me for any means other than communication with those who have provided it.

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