The Stone Dragon

Consciousness Is Magic

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Dream magic is the most dangerous of magics because it is so difficult to control.  Apprentice mage Glimmer—Not a Glimmer of Magic—realizes this when he discovers that his apparent lack of magical talent is because his magic manifests only when he is dreaming.  His first attempt at dream magery conjures a dragon, and just before dying in dragonfire, Glimmer, in desperation, locks the dragon within the stones of his master’s house.  How, though, do you live in a house that is also a dragon?  And how can you even sleep—knowing that dream might slip to nightmare?

"One of the best books I've read and I'm certainly looking forward to the sequel and the short story coming out. "
          --Sebastien L., Amazon review 

". . . evocative images of a place that 'might have been, long ago and far away' where friendly gnomes and magic are real. But don't be fooled. This is no child's tale. It will challenge the reader to think about the power of thought and attitude and their effect on the place we forge for ourselves in our world."
          --Yvonne Hertzberger, Amazon review

"Tom Kepler uses Glimmer's story to examine the nature of magic, of power, of consciousness, of the grand adventure of becoming." 
          --Shawn MacKenzie, Amazon review

"The author makes the point that magic is everywhere, in us, and around us, and at the core of everything . . . The dragons, of course, steal the show."
            --Pauline Ross, Goodreads review 

"I didn't just read the first three chapters of your book, I DEVOURED them."

"The Stone Dragon pulls the reader in right from the start." 
          --Dan Hayes, recipient of the Best Books for Young Adults award by the American Library Association

  from The Stone Dragon

Glimmer turned and faced the room’s hearth, his eyes without surprise taking in the sight of a lively fire crackling in the firepit, a fire of dancing and glowing light vibrant with energy, and all this manifesting from a meager collection of sticks and branches bunched upon the firestones.  Light rippling upon the mantelpiece, light drawing arabesques upon Glimmer’s arms, light reflecting off stone—and then one stone high upon the stonework above the firepit—a single, oval obsidian stone captured light…and blinked.

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Read Chapters 1-3 of The Stone Dragon

Praise of The Stone Dragon by authors 
from the HarperCollins website "authonomy"
  • "The source that is not dreaming, sleeping, or waking...perhaps the salvation of us all. An interesting journey into the creation of reality from the source, enabled by a cup of cabbage tea." [M.C.]
  • "A little of Earthsea with a touch of Harry Potter, but with a wholly original and poetic voice." [T.M.]
  • "I cannot believe I haven't commented on this wonderful work. This is gripping, compelling, and incredibly visual, a real feast for the senses. This is a book that belongs on a shelf or, more accurately, in a paying reader's hands." [A.K.]
  • "Written with the curls and cadence of ancient runes. Also I see a great sense of humour: the cabbage song ... overall, a text to equal The Hobbit?" [L.B.]
  • "At the end of your first chapter, when you speak of the raven leaping into the sky unseen by Glimmer, 'black flight following his path like a second shadow,' you send shivers up our spines." [G.M.]

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