Radio Interview

From the Radio KRUU Interview:

  • Do you feel poetry is a journey or an expression of the journey?
  • Tom Kepler:
    • I think it's both. I think that if you look at what many poets have done, it is their means of diving within themselves and really exploring who they are. I think very much any artistic endeavor is beginning at some point and then refining through revision if you are a writer or through the manipulations of color or form if you are a physical artist, and then coming to some deeper understanding. I think that is a refining process.
    • At the same time it is a chance to express who we are. Practicing the TM technique gives me a chance to probably work more on the level of expression rather than the level of using [poetry] as an evolutionary technique. I think that [if you use writing poetry as an evolutionary technique], you end up like [poet Phillip] Lamantia, banging your fists against the portals [windows of perception], wanting to get through, realizing intuitively that there is some further way to go, that language stops at the relative and that the transcendent is beyond that, the field of pure spirituality.

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