Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Irons in the Fire"

Yesterday I finished a close proofreading of my novel The Stone Dragon, version 6.2. It is a good feeling to have accomplished this sixth revision series.

I have three major writing goals to accomplish as I begin this next school year. One is to write the second draft of the sequel to The Stone Dragon, a novel called Dragons of Blood and Stone. The second goal is to regularly send out query letters to literary agents and independent publishers in order to get SD published. Finally, I want to continue to learn about marketing my writing: an online presence, the online writing community, and more about the publishing industry. I plan to have a few more “irons in the fire,” but those three projects are the most important.

The connection between being a teacher of language and a writer is also an important concept I intend to pursue this year. The world of writing is dynamic and contemporary, and I want to allow my students to experience that, to see and interact beyond the walls of the classroom and the writings of “dead poets.” There are lots of poets living, too!

That is why yesterday’s blog was a poem I wrote when I was around nineteen years old. I wanted to celebrate the journey I’ve taken and acknowledge all those years. Literature has a history, but it always starts off as something new and fresh and young.

Give a cheer to this summer’s successes, and send your good thoughts for the coming season. Organizing and pursuing my goals will be my challenge and my joy this year. Feel free to follow my blog and share my journey.

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