Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Thing I Didn't Do over Summer Vacation: a writing prompt model

One thing I didn't do over summer vacation was join the crew of Captain Incorvia's pirate ship, the Virtual Albatross. I didn't sail the warm waters of the Caribbean, the wind in my hair and the sun brightly shining.

Singing songs about whales and gold doubloons, we sail all summer from island to island, searching for Captain Blood's pirate booty. We don't find it, but in one sense, that is probably a good thing because legend has it that whoever sees it is never quite right in the head again.

Every day we wake up to the captain's morning greeting, "No homework today, swabbies!"

We all agree with a growling reply, "Arr!"

The captain one day sees a real albatross, its huge wingspan and graceful flight causing a life-transforming moment for him. He asks up if we all want to become eco-sailors, sailing the sea for the cause of sustainability. We all gargle with peppermint tea and then reply with an affirmative--"Arr!" but it sounds so sweet.

We save baby beluga whales and other animals and sing Raffi songs all summer long.

That's what I didn't do over summer vacation. Anybody want to join the crew of Kepler's Corsairs for a fall voyage?

Writing Prompt: Write about what you didn't do last summer. Focus on one imagined experience. State the main idea at the beginning of one thing you didn't do, in the middle include the interesting ideas and details of the story, and at the end remind the reader that this is something you didn't do, even though it would have been fun. Remember paragraphs and proofreading. Have fun!

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