Monday, September 21, 2009

Student Writing by Kishan T., 7th Grade

One Thing I Didn’t Do over the Summer

One thing I didn’t do over the summer was dig a hole at the foothills of great, huge Mount Everest as deep as the Grand Canyon. Impressed? No? Don’t be. Then I didn’t put a huge trampoline at the bottom of the new “Grand Canyon.” Finally, I didn’t climb up to Mount Everest and then dive off towards the trampoline. Then I didn’t triple front flip while I was not skydiving (by the way, super cold) then triple back flip (cool—I mean, hot. Oh, whatever, it’s getting warmer.) and then triple front—cool! Already at the trampoline!

O.K., now time for blast off, or should I say bounce off, towards The Mars! Hey, everybody says “The Moon,” so I might as well give “The Mars” a try. Still bouncing off towards “The Mars”…. Oh, yeah! My Mars suit - I didn’t make it!

Sweet! Landed on The Mars! Not sweet—Martians!

Um…. Wh-wh-what’s that thing around your—” I said.

“OMGALEADER!” they said in a robot’s voice.

“OMGA—ohh…. Wait! Wait! I’m not your leader! So that's what's on your neck. A talkalator!” I said dramatically.

Anyway, we had a great time. I didn’t dig a hole, didn’t put up a trampoline, didn’t jump a cliff, didn’t go back to Earth—The Earth—and I had a great time not doing those things.

Yo! Peace out, aliens! If you happen to see this piece of paper floating on your planet—hold on!—that’s a great excuse, except that’s what I didn’t do over the summer. Darn it!

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