Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Writing Without Focus to Discover Ideas

Free-writing has no focus.

It is a process of fingers striking the keys, words flowing from the mind onto the "paper," but with no destination. It is all process, all the flow and not the source.

How can one deny the source, though--or, perhaps, I should strike the keys to type "Source."

One may give up ownership, but that does not change essence. One simply allows the actions to own themselves, allows nature to to act according to its own laws.

Water seeks its own level, though, and consciousness cannot be feigned or "artificially enhanced," shall we say? Writing has its basis in thinking, thinking has its basis in consciousness, and consciousness is what we are--consciousness is the present participle of who we are--being.

Free-writing has no focus. Words become the innocent mirror of our state of consciousness. I offer this to my readers: a free write, un-edited and the first time through. An example, good or bad--but innocent, anyway.

The only revision the replacement of a comma with a colon. A different kind of pause or poise or peace. An epiphany of punctuation, a conscious declaration that silence exists within dynamism, dynamism within silence. A circle, a silence, good morning and good night. A lingering, a longing, an ending as unsatisfactory as an ellipsis...

Copyright 2009 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


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