Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Guide to Writing the Basic Essay

Hello to all of you who are writing an essay over your "winter vacation."

I have found a straightforward guide to essay writing online that I want to share with you.

Below is the evaluation form I use when grading a student essay. You can see (if you have looked over the above essay-writing site) that the basics are very similar, even though my evaluation was written years ago. I hope this little bit of information will help anyone who has that assignment to complete over the winter break.


  • Hook
  • Concepts introduced with grace
  • Thesis
  • Logical organization
  • Topic sentences connect to thesis
  • Adequate development
  • Establishes wholeness with the thesis
  • Graceful connection to introduction
  • Sense of closure or conclusion
  • Control of rules of writing
  • Neat and polished final copy
  • Corrected errors if indicated in rough draft comments
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