Monday, January 25, 2010

What's the Difference Between Being a Writer and a Publisher?

No, this is not a riddle...or maybe it is. The answer? From Think to Ink. Not funny but true...I know because I'm paying for the ink because I didn't think. Words in the head are different than words on the page.

The actual setup costs with my printer Lightning Source (a division of Ingram Books) for Bare Ruined Choirs, is about $105--seventy-five for the cover and book block setup, and thirty for the proof. I've more than doubled that because I didn't spend enough time checking the files before submitting them. I made assumptions, I thought everything was okay, and so I've had to resubmit--twice!

My friend and consultant Lucinda told me to run a hard copy and look at it--not glance but sitting with a cup of tea in a quiet place and reading with a fresh eye. Read more than once.

It's like the old carpenter's rule: measure twice, cut once.

Well, I'm scratching my head because I've cut the board twice, and it's still too short!

My gracious wife tells me to stop beating myself up. Good and kind advice. I am learning, you know. Bare Ruined Choirs is my first book as a publisher.

I realize that I want to fix everything--to let no error slide; otherwise, I'll be seeing those errors for the umpteen years the book is in print--and mourning those errors like a dog chews an old bone. Don't want that!

I'm closer. The book will come out one day. I will have a reading. I will dicker with the bookstore owners. I will start a Facebook page for the book. I will write a press release. I will learn and become more competent--do less and accomplish more.

That sounds like a good idea. Let me meditate on it.

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