Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Publish Fresh, Publish Local--Sustainable Publishing, an example: A New Vision for Iowa Food and Agriculture: Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st Century by Francis Thicke, Ph.D.

The book block for Thicke's book was formatted by a friend of mine here is Fairfield, and the cover was also formatted by a professional here in Fairfield, a man who has more than 200 book covers to his credit.

Published through my friend's "micro" publishing company Mulberry Knoll, the book is an example of the new trend in publishing, possible now through technological innovation.

Candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Francis Thicke was able to use Print on Demand technology to quickly make available a book that advances his concerns and hopes for agriculture.

When it was realized that the demand for his book quite large, the printing was moved from Print on Demand (printing one book for each order) to traditional volume printing--a matter of moving electronic files from one branch of a printer's setup to another press.

This flexibility allows a publisher to distribute books using the most ecological and cost-effective printing procedure. The book was published using expert local talent. I write an appreciative review. Everybody's happy. It's good to see a candidate for public office walking his talk: a candidate for sustainable agriculture using sustainable publishing practices.

Book Review
For a review of Thicke's book, click what's beneath the cow.

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