Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Word Art, using the Website "Wordle"

Thanks to writer A.B. Keuser, I have found a website called Wordle that allows one to create word art. It is not only fun but also useful for the teacher and writer--poster art, one might say. Thanks to Jonathan Feinberg and IBM Research for developing the site. Restrictions apply for the use of the website and intellectual properties and applet but not to the posters and their commercial use. Be sure to read the FAQs to be knowledgeable.

Below is a quick word poster I created, using the title of my forth-coming novel, Love Ya Like a Sister.

Here is one from A.B.'s page:

The posters are easy to make, but it takes a bit more work to save them as an image. The Wordle site administrator provides directions in the FAQ: Can I save as a JPEG/GIF/PNG/etc.?

Wordle: Love Ya Like a Sister

Here I learned how to make some words bigger than others. I just wrote Sister and Love three times, Like and Ya twice, and a once.

Also, rather than making this a jpeg, I saved it to the wordle site and then pasted the html into this blog entry, using the "Edit HTML" rather than "Compose" blog writing option. Not as sharp an image as when making a jpeg, though.

As a writer, this is a quick, fun way of making a striking poster for something I've written.

As a teacher, this has all kinds of possibilities, such as spelling instruction and vocabulary development. Using it, students would also be learning how to use technology. They might even do their homework!


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