Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book Giveaway Celebration

I am celebrating the Wise Moon Books publication of my young adult novel Love Ya Like a Sister (and my birthday) with a book giveaway drawing.

Copies of my two books, Love Ya Like a Sister and Bare Ruined Choirs, will be given away by a random drawing according to the following design:
  • 25 people eligible = 4 books (2 LYLAS/2 BRC)
  • 50 people eligible = 6 books (3 LYLAS/3 BRC)
  • 75 people eligible = 8 books (4 LYLAS/4 BRC)
  • 100 people eligible = 10 books (4 LYLAS/4 BRC/2 LYLAS & BRC)
Eligibility is determined by doing these two things:
  1. Sign up to follow my blog or Facebook fan page. (instructions below). If you already follow me, have someone else begin to follow.
  2. Then email me your name and email address (if a new follower)--or your name (and email address) and the name of your friend who has joined (if you already follow me). Also let me know where you have joined--see below. 
Email me at tomkeplerwriting12 (at) gmail (dot) com. I will also keep track of my Facebook and LinkedIn mailboxes.
    My following preferences:
    1. Email subscription for blog (very straightforward: I post a blog & you receive a notification).
    2. Facebook fan page for Tom Kepler Writing/Wise Moon Books (my writing page--and easy for me to write occasional updates to all my "likes"). 
    3. Networked Blogs: posts my blog snippet on your Facebook wall (good unless you get a lot of posting and can't find the blog in the shuffle).
    4. Google follower: is added to your account dashboard (OK, unless, like me, you forget to check the dashboard).
    At the end of February, I will randomly draw the names and email the winners for mailing addresses. You get your name included twice if you add my LYLAS badge to your blog. Just include your blog's link in your email so that I can go there and enjoy looking at it.

    That's it! If you have any questions, comment to this post so that others can also see the comments and responses. If I've confused one person, I've probably confused more. (Or, you can just post me a "happy birthday" note!) Check my blog's sidebars for links for subscribing, "liking," networking, or following--call it what you will. Thanks!

    Copyright 2010 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


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