Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Ya Like a Sister: Stop #9 on the Book Tour

This Books Are Dreams blog post is one of the more interesting of the tour: a character interview with Gwen. 

Gwen is the catalyst for much of the action in Love Ya Like a Sister, prompting the main character Randy to make new decisions that cause him to grow. She is, in many ways, a "gatekeeper" for Randy in that she provides him with choices and constantly challenges his beliefs.

My favorite question for the interview is when Gwen is asked to describe Randy. Part of her answer is this:
He's the kind of guy whose face want to you slap . . . and then kiss to make it feel better.
Katie at Books Are Blogs has this to say about her book reviewing experience:
Books are Dreams was opened on June 2010. Like most bloggers I had a love of reading, but no one to share it with. Once I discovered the book blogging community I decided to join and have not looked back since.
"Not looking back" could be said to be one of the driving forces of Love Ya Like a Sister. Looking forward is what the characters learn to do; they learn to make decisions to impact their future in positive ways.

This is officially the halfway point of The Teen {Book} Scene tour.


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