Saturday, April 2, 2011

Final Stop (#18) Book Review of Love Ya Like a Sister: an "Either/Or"

Oh, well . . . this is what Lindsay at Just Another Book Addict says: so-so.

"This is an okay book for me. I didn't feel as connected with the characters as I wanted to." Not exactly time to break out the bells, but "What I did love about this book was the characters" rings true with what most reviewers said.

I appreciate the professionalism of the reviewers during this virtual blog tour. It takes a good degree of self-awareness to be able to maintain that balance between emotion and reason. I feel these Teen {Book} Scene reviewers wrote with compassionate, critical clarity.

It's what I seek to nurture in my students, and it's a delight to find critical thinking alive and well in the blogosphere.

And now . . . it's nice to be home from my journey. I think I'll be the good hobbit and go spend some time in my garden.


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