Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Quick Tips for Parents (at the start of the school year)

If I had the opportunity to advise parents of my top three aids for the next school year (and it appears I do), these would be the suggestions:

1:  The bedroom is for sleeping. Remove all technology, such as computers, cellphones, ipods, TVs, etc. Your children will get more rest. If you do it, so will you.
2:  Establish a regular time in the family room for homework. If your child has no homework, work out a Plan B, such as read a book, extend the current area of study, or to "teach" you what was learned at school during the day. If students are engaged for a set time anyway, they will be more apt to put attention on a current school assignment.
3:  Establish easy communication with teachers (email, phone numbers) and open that communication. That will make it much easier to send or receive information or questions when it is necssary. A positive flow of communication is important.
Those are my three! They all focus around keeping the student in a restful, supportive routine and environment.

Anybody have other suggestions to add to the comments section below?

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