Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving Thanks for Time to Write

Thanksgiving vacation is a little over a week away now.

I get five days off, but for me it is not just the time for rest and rejuvenation. Thanksgiving vacation has become a time of beginning a new writing project or of providing a significant boost to a current project. It's practically a tradition now.

I thank the gods of school vacations for that opportunity.

In sports there is a term, momentum. I think that term applies to writing also. I know, anyway, that when I write regularly on a project every day, it begins to linger in the air around me. Everything applies and references that reality. Ideas come to me, and I have time to apply them, to bring them to the page (computer file!) before they get distracted and flitter away.

This Thanksgiving I want to finish the first draft of "Who Listened to Dragons." I'm excited about the idea of publishing a short story on Kindle and then selling it for $.99 as a short work that introduces a longer work--The Stone Dragon.

I also am excited to begin looking at the first draft of Dragons of Blood and Stone to see how the second draft should go. I've run off a hard copy--267 pages--something I don't normally do, but I feel there may be some structural changes that having actual pieces of paper may help me effect.

I also look on the days around Thanksgiving as a time to reflect on the year's activity of spring and summer. Maybe that's my gardening self stepping forward. After the harvest, it's good at autumn to relax and enjoy the moment.

I hope for all of you to enjoy the moment and harvest something this season beyond the launch of the Christmas buying frenzy.  We deserve more than that.

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