Thursday, December 29, 2011

Underground Book Reviews interviews me about The Stone Dragon

Underground Book Reviews was kind enough to interview me about my fantasy novel, The Stone Dragon, and the journey of its writing. 

Here are the interview questions below. If any catch your curiosity, then follow the interview link.

Interview with Tom Kepler by Katie French
  1. The world your novel inhabits in is very lush and inviting. Where do you draw your inspiration from when you are world building? Any advice for those wanting to improve their fantasy world building? 
  2. Tell us more about Glimmer, the main character. Where did he originate from? What did you do to get into a young dream mage's head? 
  3. One of my favorite characters is Cabbage-pants, the cabbage gnome. He is funny, wise and charming. How do you keep characters original when so many of the fantasy characters have been done before? 
  4. Who are your contemporaries in literature? To which authors would you compare your work? 
  5. Tell us about your path to self-publishing. What made you decide on that route versus traipsing around to all the publishers in New York?  
  6. How much marketing do you focus on when trying to promote a book? What types of efforts have been most helpful? 
  7. Tell us more about consciousness-based writing. Where did you learn the technique? How do you employ it? 
  8. I see you are also a poet. Which genre is your favorite? Do you employ techniques in fiction writing that you've learned from poetry? 
  9. On your blog you mention you are an educator. How do you balance your day job and still find time to write? 
  10. One of your reviewers mentioned a sequel. What do we have to look forward to in the next installment of The Stone Dragon series?
If you have any questions about the writing of the novel, be sure to ask!


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