Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day Out with Mom #8: dialoguing with Dad

"Where are we?"

"What do you mean, Dad? What town or what place?"

"What town. We're in Oceanside, right?"

"No, Dad, we're in Oroville."

"We've got a place just the other side of the hill, right over there."

"You mean the old place by the river?"

"No, the place by the ocean."

"That was a long time ago, when you were living with your parents."

"Oh. So where are we living now?"

"In Oroville in a mobile home."

"OK, so let's go home."

"We can't. You're too weak for us to take care of. You need to eat and exercise and get stronger. Then we can take you home."

"I'll do that after I get home."

"You need to get stronger here. We can't take care of you at home."

"I could walk when I came here. They're taking my good food and giving me crap food. That's why I'm so weak."

"You came here because you had pneumonia and were in the hospital. Then you couldn't walk. That's why you're here, to get strong. What you need to do is eat, rest, exercise and get strong again."

"I'm just sitting here, waiting to die. I can do that at home."

"We can't take care of you at home."

"You're trying to take over. Why don't you admit the truth!"

"Mom's heart is too weak. Taking care of you is too much the way you are."

"You're trying to take my money! You've got my wallet. Some son you are!"

"Mom has it in her purse."

"Good, then let's get going."

"Good-bye, Dad. You rest."

"Why's she leaving? She's my wife. She should be with me!"

"You rest and eat. Good-bye."

"You shut up, goddammit! This is all your doing."

"Good-bye, Dad."

"Don't say good-bye. See ya later."

"See ya later."

"Wait, damnit! Take me with you!"

"I'm trying to take care of both of you. We have to go now."

"You take care of your mother. You take care of her."

Copyright 2013 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


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