Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Books for a Penny--Well, at Least One

Here's the sequence . . . A recent post from the writing blog Indies Unlimited was about Amazon's Author Central pages, advising me to check to make sure all my books were listed. Yes, check!

I then just browsed my books a bit to make sure everything looked right. Yes, check!

Then I noticed that my second published book, the novel Love Ya Like a Sister, could be bought used for one penny. In fact, nine distributors have it available for one penny. Hmmmm . . .

I wonder if that's one copy nine used dealers have access to, or if it's nine copies nine dealers have access to.

All my other books available in paper are priced above one cent, even for the used copies. Is it because young adult novels lose value more quickly? Is it because I marketed that novel more aggressively and more copies are available? Is it because more readers consider it a one-time read?

Who knows?

I just thought I'd get my two cents in regarding my one-cent books.

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