Saturday, November 15, 2014

Days Away from My Computer Were Days Out with Mom

Finally my blog is functioning properly again, after about two months of my URL not connecting properly. It was not time lost, though, because I spent those days out with my mom. I spent those days finishing my book A Day Out with Mom, now available online.

Yes, I compiled the book, polished and established continuity and unity, received feedback from beta readers, and fixed formatting and editing errors. I even asked Mom for feedback and was given a few clarifications and additions. That was fun--reading chapters to her and having her comment on them!

Now the book is available at the CreateSpace store, on Amazon, and Kindle. (It may take a day or two for the Kindle version to be ready.) Of these stores, The CreateSpace store (as printer) provides the best royalties for me, so please consider that first if buying a paper copy.
I recently had a local artist and his wife say this about my book:
"There are many, many Baby Boomers out there with elderly parents. Your book will speak to them."
It was a funny thing living with my parents as an adult for over seven months. Yes, I had the priceless opportunity to get to know them again. In a strange but real way, though, I also got to see myself in them. That was a little strange and a little wonderful. seeing those powerful beginnings of who I am today.

I hope you choose to spend a day out with Mom, too. She's quite a character.

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