Saturday, December 20, 2014

Remembering Dad by Writing About the Things He Said

Sometimes the best way to express my feelings is to quote my father.

"I'm in pretty good shape, considering the shape I'm in."

"If you're going to do it, do it right."

"Always leave a campsite in better shape than it was when you arrived."

I'd start out with, "Well, like my daddy says . . . " or "My dad says it this way . . . "

Now that Dad has passed away, those moments when I remember how he phrased his thoughts have an extra dimension. I'm not only expressing an idea in a manner that reflects my past; I'm also celebrating and honoring that past. It's a good feeling, an expression of continuity and also of evolution.

I am not my father, nor was my father his, yet there is a connection. Depending on the clarity of our thinking and the purity of our lives, we have the option to take from our family heritage, to nurture the growth of our family tree, to prune, to feed and water, to bring light to our daily living.

Quoting my dad or my mom is a way of honoring that past from which I have come. It's a way of reminding myself of who my dad was and of who I am.

It's like my dad would say, "Where you are is just one step away from where you've been."

Copyright 2014 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


  1. What a great idea, Tom. I lost my dad over thirty years ago and still miss him so much the memories bring tears to my eyes.

    1. Memory is a powerful aspect of life, and honoring our memories is a powerful tribute. Thank you for expanding the time frame for me. My dad passed away just a couple of months ago.