Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rediscovering Wattpad--via my iPhone and apps

I'm traveling and writing and blogging and marketing with my iPhone 6+, I'm installing new apps for my phone, including a Blogger app for this website. I've found the apps more limited than when using my laptop, but if I stay within the limitations of the app, I can do the job. 

I've started using my Wattpad account again after a three hiatus, and the Wattpad and Wattpad Covers apps for iPhones help a lot. 

I don't compose on the Wattpad app; rather, I compose on Google Docs and then paste what I have to Wattpad. I'm more familiar with Docs and can use it on several platforms. It will be fun interacting with readers with my short stories, and I intend using the short stories as marketing leads anyway. 

I was surprised and pleased to discover Wattpad Covers since my phone didn't have the apps I needed. With WC, I can quickly create e-covers for my writing. The app also has a goodly image library. There were quite a few images of starlings in the search function--even a murmuration.  

I found the apps right up my alley--intuitively simple and straightforward, yet cumbersome and intrusive in unexpected ways. 

At least, though, I can work while on the road, even if it's rough work. 

Here's the URL for the current portion of the Wattpad story I posted: http://w.tt/1Zyvew5. 

We'll see if this app creates a link. If not, please copy and paste! And by the way, always add the images dead last. 

(Composed on my iPhone 6+)


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