Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Finished Draft 1 of "A Murmuration of Dragons"

Well, I've finished Draft 1, so now I have a completed short story. You can now read the end of the story. I'm proud that I've finished one time through, and am eager to begin revision. Revision is always a fun (and necessary) part of the writing process.

I've added the ending of the story and changed the original order on the Wattpad platform so that there are now two parts: the completed story that I am revising, and the original draft. That way you can see changes as they progress.

You can read both versions and follow the revision at Wattpad.
"A Murmuration of Dragons"


 Starlings return from the fields, wheeling the darkening sky. Be wary of hawks, be wary of the cutpurse, but when magic comes to Half Street, be especially wary of dragonfire.

 Being the chronicle of Gnossos, Supplicatory to the Order of Thom, Thomikos


I'm also going to give myself a new experience today. The local library has a writing time every Wednesday from 9:30 to 12:00. I'm going to show up and work on the draft. Maybe I'll post a blog on the experience. Meanwhile, enjoy what I've done so far!


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