Friday, February 26, 2016

Marketing with the iPhone

I have issues with sitting down in front of my computer to market my books. Honestly, I’d rather be working on a story or a blog post. 

Marketing, or at least some aspects of marketing, are easier on my iPhone 6+.

Finding and posting articles of interest to my Facebook page can be done on the fly, especially by utilizing Google News focused search topics and then scheduling posts for FB. 
The same can be done with book memes that can be scheduled, sandwiched within daily article posts. 
Checking in on Facebook and LinkedIn groups and their ilk to comment and respond is less onerous if squeaked in during down time. It even can feel more “social” than blasting the sites for a set time. 

I’ve found that creating visuals is tougher with a “phablet” than with a laptop. The mobile apps are usually more limited--at least that has been my experience. As I use the phone as my office, I imagine I’ll gain more skill. 

Creative writing and blog posts are also possible on my 6+ iPhone. In fact, that’s the main reason I went for the larger phone. Whether I’m bicycle camping or traveling on Amtrak (as I am now as I write this), Google Docs offline and the Blogger app give me the freedom to write while carrying very little hardware. 

Breaking marketing into smaller “stolen moment” parcels seems to be working for me, at least for now. I plan to post these thoughts and then to spend some time on a new short story. 

Of course, I have to finish this piece before losing connectivity in the Sierra Nevadas. Gee, if that happens, I may just have to kick back and enjoy the ride!


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