Monday, June 13, 2016

Rollin' and Writin'

Here I am, rolling out of Oroville, California, Highway 70, south on the Amtrak Thruways bus to Sacramento, where I will board the eastbound Zephyr. 

Time to work a bit on my short story "Perchance Beneath a Quince Tree." I revised it some on the way out from Iowa to California, and now I have some more time. 

Well, time to get to work! Thanks to my iPhone 6+, I can work on the go without too much equipment. I just have to be careful "typing," what with the rock and roll of the bus and train. 

Posted from my iPhone 6+.


  1. Hello Tom:

    I'm pleased to discover your blog, your good writing and your Amtrak travels. My wife and I travel on Amtrak regularly, from our home here in Santa Cruz. We've made the trip to Fairfield in the past, once to stay with my sister Jeanette and her husband for a few days, twice to hop off the train at Mt. Pleasant for quick hugs and greetings on our way to Chicago and beyond.

    I'm a retired archaeologists and museum curator, community radio advocate and part-time philosopher, now spending my time writing fiction and non (when I'm not fighting crime and/or evil). I'm terrible at self-promotion, so I write mainly to please myself and my friends, and annoy developers, growth maniacs and imperialists.

    I'm delighted to learn that you grow cherries and peaches in Fairfield. We are terminally disheartened with what has become of Santa Cruz: gangs, crime, noise, traffic, noise, environmental destruction, noise and, oh yeah, noise. We're seriously considering buying a house in Fairfield, very soon and making our way back to the middle of the continent, the home of our ancestors and living relatives.

    I find your descriptions of bicycling around Fairfield encouraging. I've been a daily bicyclist for forty years or more, in Nebraska, Wyoming, Alaska, New Mexico and California. I look forward to riding the trails of Iowa.

    Thanks for your good words!

    Michael A. Lewis, Left Coast

    1. Thank you, Michael, for your response. The weather is more severe here in SE Iowa, but the more subtle qualities of life more difficult Han make up for a he snow and humidity.