Monday, September 12, 2016

Halfway Home, Then Back to Oroville

I'm so proud of Mom, gaining back her strength and keeping her independent spirit, even with some depression with her circumstances. 

The Denver, Colorado, airport--that's where I'm at right now. Yesterday on the Amtrak Zephyr I received a phone call from my brother. He had gone next door to talk to a noisy neighbor, and whatever ensued, he fell again and had pain where the steel rods have been inserted where he broke his leg a couple of years ago. 

Then my brother told me he was spending the night in the hospital and would have surgery on his leg. 

Phone reception is techy on the Zephyr. Receiving information in bits and pieces as I rolled through the empty West and the Rocky Mountains, I managed off and on to hire Mom's driver and neighbor to take care of her, give her the meds she needs, and to tell Mom I was coming back to Oroville. 

I detrained halfway home at Denver. My wife was so kind to get me an airport hotel for the night, and tickets to Sacramento and a shuttle to Oroville. 

So I'm waiting for my plane, reasonably rested considering everything, and am heading back to take care of business. 

I've done this before, but I don't plan to be gone seven months this time. A lot of details are in place now. 

I almost made it home!

(Composed and posted on my iPhone 6+)


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