Thursday, October 12, 2017

Still Writing Even While Traveling

Making my goal of three hundred words a day has been easy so far, even while traveling.

I'm caught up with my previous writing now, and will continue to develop the plot, using the device of splitting chapters and points of view between two characters, utilizing third-person point of view. I've never developed a story that shifts from two characters, although I enjoy reading such, so I'm excited about working with such an organization.

A couple of weeks have added up to over five thousand words. That's not really a lot; the most important thing is that I've been writing every day on the project. Over the weekend, my wife will be engaged on business with her family, and I will be in a hotel room pretty much in the middle of Nowhere, California. I intend to spend those hours writing longer than just the time needed to write three hundred words. That will be fun.

I remember when I began writing The Stone Dragon over a Thanksgiving vacation. By the time the vacation ended, I had written over seven thousand words and had the novel concept firmly in mind and begun on "paper." First I see through the window, then I climb through the window, and then I'm out and about, exploring and discovering.

I'll be checking out of the motel room soon and then heading out to visit my mother and brother, after that off to southern California in a rental car. Really, though, I'm in the mountains with Gnossos and Alma-Ata, with Ocean, River, and Rain, the three sisters. I'm trekking with a mud dragon and my donkey to a local village smithy to wield dragonfire to forge a magic sword.

Sound like fun? In a couple of years, you can buy the book and join the adventure!


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