Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FEEDBACK TIME and Upcoming Posts

Dear Readers,

Having finished the four-part posting of Love Ya Like a Sister, I thought it would be a good time to let you know what are my plans for this blog during the school year. Please send me some feedback about what you have liked and what you would like to read.

You can comment either through the comment section at the end of this post or by clicking of my profile. There is a "contact" link there.

Future Posts
  1. What is consciousness-based writing?
  2. A review of the book Great Peacemakers: true stories from around the world (One of the authors is a Maharishi School alumnus.)
  3. Guest writers, including students
  4. Model-Guide-Apply: a universal teaching technique
  5. Further posts on my publishing activities
  6. Maharishi School Writing Club activities
  7. Video interviews: teachers, parents, students
  8. Maharishi School curriculum developments and achievements
  9. Tom Kepler Writing (I think my next little story will be "The Three Little Pigs and an Alien")
  10. Lifelong learning: enriching opportunities around town and online
Please provide me some feedback. An interactive blog will be much more fun for me and--I hope--for you.

(Please note: Since I don't use Microsoft Office for my emails, I have to copy the address on their email form and then go to my gmail account; otherwise, any letter I send through Office gets stuck in their outbox and not sent.)


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