Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Comments: where to see them and why sometimes you don't

Some blogs show all the comments automatically beneath the post, and some do not. Why is this?

What I have found is that having all comments on the blog main page, along with the posts would make the page too long and large. Therefore, comments are posted as a link, "comments," at the end of each post. One may access that link. Also, if one links to a single post (article), then the comment box will automatically be displayed.

A blog expert, "nitecruzr," explained it more completely:
When you view a blog in main page or archives view, you have a number of posts displayed, one above the next. The embedded comment form was designed to appear at the bottom of the page. With comments appearing below each post, and the comment form at the bottom of the page, the main page would be unacceptably long and complex. With both comments and the comment form appearing below each post, the main page would be even more unacceptably long and complex.

To avoid an unbearably messy main page view, each post in main page view has the comment count, with a link. When you click on the comment count link, you then see the post in single post view, with the embedded comments and the comment entry form presented below the post.

 This explains why I don't have the comments box appear automatically at the bottom of a post and why all the comments don't automatically appear. Want to make a comment? Click the "comment" link at the bottom of the post or click the title to move from the main page (7 posts) to the single post view page.

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  1. Just click on the comments link and write. After that, you will be asked about your profile information. If you haven't filled that out, you will do that once for all uses of that provider.