Friday, March 5, 2010

"Cull": 530 words of short, short story

I thought, why not have my blog linked to Twitter in case anybody who tweets is interested?

I set up the link, and now people can link via Twitter to my blog posts. Then I thought, why not try what others have as a test-run, for fun--publish something tweet by tweet. And thus was formed the publication of my short, short story "Cull" over the next two-to-three weeks on Twitter.

You will notice on this blog a Twitter widget that allows you to follow me.  I hope you enjoy the story.  Tell your friends to follow along, too.

I posted the story on an on-line forum on LinkedIn, and one reader commented: "A lovely blending of character and concept that is even better on the second read." 


She’s lived in that small white house for over sixty years, as best we can all remember.  Miss Lamb, eighth grade English teacher for most the whole town, breeder of champion dwarf show rabbits.  I still remember how she’d tell us when she got gabby in class how the only way to breed champions was to cull the misfits.  We’d shudder when she’d explain how to crack their little necks in a painless, humane way.

Tomorrow, I'll begin the tweets.

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