Monday, March 29, 2010

Student Writing: three poems in the style of Emily Dickinson

The Day of My Death

The day of my Death
I hear the Dripping of a faucet--
The Buzzing of a bee
I feel the Wind on my face--
And the Sheets on my feet
I smell the Flower petals--
The cool Summer's breeze
I cannot help but wonder why--
All this before I die.
                              --by Thomas W.

I Do Not Check the Things

I do not check the things
but I know -- they have been checked.
I do not price the things
but I know -- they have been priced.
I do not scan the things
but I hear them beep.

I Feel the heart beat
but I don't make it.
I experience my lungs expand
but I know -- no effort was used.
I see the world move --
This makes me One.
                              --by Paul D.

In My Bed

In my Bed,
I begin to wake.
It is a Beautiful spring morning--
In my Bed,
I hear the Voice of a Siren--
I Feel my heart Quake. 
In my Bed,
my mind Starts to wander.
Its Voice pierces my ears--
In my Bed,
the Voice drifts away--
my soul goes off--into nature.
                              --by James F.

Copyrights retained by student writers, printed with permission, 2010


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