Friday, June 25, 2010

Step Two of Publishing Love Ya Like a Sister (the "steps" are arbitrary)

Step 1: Complete the manuscript. Check! (I realize, though, I will still tweak--can't help myself, nor should I.)

Step 2: Creation of the digital "bookblock." Printer Lightning Source has precise standards for submission but also great assistance. Note, though, that this assistance is not in understanding the software--that is the publisher's responsibility. Most publishers will use Adobe InDesign or Quark, but even Microsoft Word can be used and then made into a pdf via Adobe Acrobat, which has a professional-quality pdf capability. The bookblock is a pdf of exactly, page for page, what the book within the covers will be--including blank pages, titles, information page (including copyright declaration and ISBN). The publisher attends to such questions as "Will this information be on the lefthand page or the righthand page?" Lightning Source just prints; they don't compose or edit.

Step 3: Creation of the digital cover (front, back, and spine). This is one digital file. I will be using Adobe PhotoShop to create the file. Once the bookblock is created (which includes the ISBN), the pdf is submitted to LS. Because the exact number of pages is known, LS can generate a cover template, which is the exact size needed to fit the bookblock. Using that template, the cover will be created and then submitted.

Step 4: (Not necessarily sequential) Buying the ISBN and copyrighting the book. I bought ten International Standard Book Numbers for $250--buying a single number costs about half that price, I believe. Copyright is obtained through the U.S. Copyright Office.

I am still finalizing the bookblock. Photographs for the cover and interior will also need to be collected, in addition to photo release forms.

And, of course, once the book is published, then it's on to marketing and distribution--and the e-book version.

Step by step, one goes far!

Copyright 2010 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved
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