Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking the Novel to Publication: Love Ya Like a Sister, Revisions Post 1

OKAY! What do I need to do to publish my young adult novel Love Ya Like a Sister through Wise Moon Books? My last day with students was Friday, and I'm ready to roll!
  • Read through the novel one more time--with the focus on strengthening the minor female characters
  • Locate, through my high school students, photos for the cover (Exciting! Some are great photographers, and the book will have that stamp of authenticity.)
  • Work with my expert friend on completing the book block
  • Work with same on the cover
These are the main steps, and now that summer vacation is here, I can place curriculum development on the back burner and my writing to the forefront.

The tab buttons just beneath the header on this blog include one for LYLAS. Feel free to read the first chapters and then follow along as I chronicle these last steps to publication.  I'll also enjoy any suggestions!

I also have a facebook page for Tom Kepler Writing/Wise Moon Books. I expect to use the discussion capability to work out some of the book details--with the help of my friends! Please consider clicking the "LIKE" button on the fan page to get connected. That way you'll be able to be a part of the process.

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