Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writing As a Business: Webpage, Blog, Writer's Bio, Writing Buddies, and more

What are the basic elements of a writer's online portfolio? writer Angela Atkinson, in her article "What to Put on Your Author Website," suggests seven key elements:
  • An extended biography: career and appropriate life information
  • An author's photograph: head shot
  • Samples of your writing: samples, titles, links
  • Contact Information: some use a contact form; some include the email address
  • Testimonials: credible people who explain why you're great (other than your mother)
  • What you are selling: services and/or products
  • A blog: "showcase your talents"
Atkinson's final advice: double-check everything. Would you hire a carpenter whose house door won't close?

To the left of the article is a linkbox titled "If you like this...." It provides other articles of interest to writers.

If my summary was of interest to you, be sure to read Angela Atkinson's full article.

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