Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Advice to Students: a short epistle

Dear Students:

If you are in school, you are in training. Here is my advice to ensure that your training is effective.
  • Stay rested and alert.
    • Rested in mind and body, you will naturally be inquisitive and ready to learn.
    • Practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. As a learner, it is your "training within the training." 
    • Get to bed on time.
  • Learn not just what but also how: learn how to learn.
    • Learn about the world and its ways, but leave school not with just a book of knowledge but also a toolbox of techniques.
    • Know how to find information, how to organize it for communication, how to work with others, and how to persevere to complete tasks.
    • Engage in projects that require you to go from concept to completion. If we are to transform our world, we must see the need, plan the action, do it, and then check to see if we need to do it again in a new or different manner.
  •  Stabilize those lifelong habits of mind that the world needs and demands.
    • At Maharishi School, we focus on four core values: respect, responsibility, solutions, and service.
    • The world will give you money, training, and a place to engage in meaningful work if it is felt that you'll do good, meaningful work--and complete it.
    • Set excellence as your constant goal.

Copyright 2010 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved


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