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Virtual Book Tour for Young Adult Books: The Teen {Book} Scene

The Teen {Book} Scene
Want to take your book on a virtual book tour? You can do it the hard way or the easy way. The Teen {Book} Scene is the easy way.
"The TBS is all about promoting young adult and [Middle Grade] authors and their books free of charge. The TBS is dedicated to providing fun, quality blog tours to authors, along with other types of promotion. As bloggers ourselves, we have worked first hand with authors through blog tours, interviews, reviews, giveaways, and more. We'd love to work with you!"
What is a virtual book (or blog) tour?

According to The Teen {Book} Scene administrators, it involves "having an author go on a virtual 'tour'--visiting 5 or more blogs for the course of two weeks to one month. Each blogger participating will post at least an interview/guest post or review, if not both. We are also willing to coordinate an author chat as well as put an ARC on tour. This is the standard type of tour we organize, but we would love to put together something else that works for you. Each tour will also be provided a promotional banner which will link back to the TBS website."

The home page of TBS provides links describing the enterprise, tour info, author info, current/upcoming tours, past tours, bloggers, referrals, and promotions.

I didn't really know what to expect when signing up for a virtual book tour for my young adult novel Love Ya Like a Sister. My referral for TBS describes the experience and advantages of participating in a tour:
"When Jessica and I set my tour with the Teen {Book} Scene reviewers, I realized I hadn't really completed my 'platform'--for instance, my e-book version of my novel was not yet processed for the Smashwords Premium Catalog. With professionalism, honesty, and enthusiasm, TBS and the reviewers provided me with a series of reviews that allowed me to fill out my marketing platform with a credible spread of reviews for sales sites. I was also able to include 'snippets' of the reviews to my novel's webpage, providing readers with a richer first experience of the novel. In addition to the marketing advantage, I also gained valuable insights into my novel and how I write as I completed the various writing assignments for the tour. Thank you all for eighteen 'whistle stops' of fun on my virtual book tour!"
Expect a variety of reviews. The bloggers writing them are, after all, independent individuals. Here are some snippets of reviews from an overview of my personal blog tour:

The reviews (in chronological order):

The above list includes all the reviews, the good and bad, in the name of objectivity. My only expenses for the review consisted of book costs and mailing, which came to around $70. I could have cut this back some by sending e-book review copies.

If you have written a young adult novel and are interested in a virtual blog tour, then I suggest you research The Teen {Book} Scene. Even if your book is not of the YA or Middle School category, a perusal of TBS's site will provide a good overview of the virtual tour experience.

Jessica's last words in an email to me are indicative of the TBS's positive energy. I had mentioned my new novel that I am finishing up, a fantasy called The Stone Dragon. Jessica replied . . .

"The Stone Dragon sounds great! If you want to run a tour for it....well you know where to find me."

You bet! I do know where to go to interact with a group of positive, enthusiastic, and fun-loving readers of books. And that knowledge is reassuring.

Note: Love Ya Like a Sister is available through online distributors in both paper and e-book formats.

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