Tuesday, June 28, 2011

School News: from the Maharishi School Website

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, home of pre-school to grade 12 Consciousness-Based Education, has a link on its website titled "School News."

Reading the articles presented provides a look at the richness and depth of the education and activities available to students at Maharishi School.

Here, as a sampling, are five June posts from School News, showcasing the successes of the school and the positive, nurturing qualities that the Transcendental Meditation program brings to education.
Caroline Fulcher was one of my literature students this last school year, where the study of poetry was part of the curriculum.

Tennis Coach Lawrence Eyre in 2009 was named the National High School Coach of the Year by the United States Professional Tennis Association. One coach is awarded this honor each year, chosen from all the high schools in the United States, regardless of size. Here is a link where he speaks about his award.

Spend some time with Maharishi School's website. It provides a glimpse of the reason why students attend our school.

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