Monday, August 8, 2011

August 6: Pullman, Washington, Family Visit

August 6

Temperature at 50 degrees this morning--cool, sunny, dry.

Went to the Moscow, Idaho, farmers' market located right next to the university's campus. This is a big open-air market with incredibly fresh and vibrant veggies. Didn't think to bring my camera, so no photos . . .

Brunch with my son, his girlfriend, her parents, and my son's aunt, uncle, and cousins this morning at a local restaurant.

Helping clean out the storage garage. Evidently, my niece is having a party tonight--20 or so theatre friends. Her dad is moving the big speakers outside. I've come in after doing the preliminary moving with her mom. I have another 10 pages of my manuscript to read.

Met my quota of manuscript pages. Napped. Decided I needed some exercise so took a 25 minute bike ride. The road was edged with wheat fields turning golden and by garbanzo fields still green. I saw a couple of wonderful possibilities for photos and hope to take another early morning bike ride tomorrow.

Now it's time for shower and TM program at 3 PM. After 5 o'clock, everyone will hit the place, and I've been told they've got the outside sound system working now.

Went out into the countryside with family to plink with rifles. I hadn't shot a firearm in about 40 years. I just used a .22 and shot a couple of clips at a target--and hit the target! At the end, I fired a .303 Enfield three times. That kicked. Glad I had great earphones.

My son was surprised I could shoot. I told him that just because I choose not to do something doesn't mean that I can't. It's a change to be doing things I haven't done for many years--kind of like time travel.  Pretty country; the setting sun on the fields and hills was rich and subtle.

I'm looking forward to back to bicycle time tomorrow.

10:10 PM. Yes, the sound system is working. It's two hours later by my physiology's time for Iowa. Lights off for me. Luckily, I fall asleep easily.

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