Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 7: Pullman, Washington, Family Visit

Photos from two journeys today: one in the AM by bicycle, and the other by car to the mountains.

Today was a day of exploration. In the morning at about 8:00 AM I left to take photos of the farms up the road from my family's house. I didn't travel much more than a couple of miles but was gone for an hour because I stopped so many times to have fun with my camera.

In the afternoon we headed east by car to the beginning of the Bitterroot Mountains to the Elk River falls. It fulfilled my dream of getting out into nature on this trip and enjoying the sites and smells of the mountains.

Old Moscow Road: wheat field country

Typical view: farm buildings surrounded by wheat, lentil, or garbanzo fields

The silence was wonderful: sunshine and sky

This round barn was the jewel in this beautiful necklace of trees and field

Elk River Falls

We hiked all three falls, from lower to upper. The upper falls had access to the water.

The lower falls. So nice to hear a waterfall again.

The middle falls. Still far away but a wonderful hike through shaded forest.

Upper falls: down to the water at last!

Happy me.

I was very happy for my family to take me on this excursion. I felt that I had been given a chance to feel deeply the beauties of the area.

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