Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8-9, Pullman, Washington, Family Visit

Note: downhill = dwarf legs
August 8

I've been doing a good job of reading twenty pages of my manuscript each day. I've also posted a link to the current version of the front cover of The Stone Dragon to a LinkedIn discussion group that has given me some good feedback.

This day started off with lunch with my son and his girlfriend. Then we went shopping and blew some money. It was really fun seeing the happiness on the faces of those two young adults.

Shoes, clothes, various scented lotions, and a "longboard" skateboard. (Video below.)

That evening my brother-in-law and I worked on their bicycles and got them up and running so that both bikes shifted well and also stopped well. Two essential features! This was great fun, working with my brother-in-law on a worthy project.

August 9

Want to hear a real laugh? I took the same bike ride this morning that I went on the other day and documented in yesterday's blog post: Old Moscow Road. And that photo of the dead tree in the field? Well, this morning I decided I didn't need my camera, since I'd already photographed the area. And this morning there was a big hawk perched on a branch of that tree--and I didn't have my camera for that perfect shot!

Real smart, Tom.

Today my son, girlfriend, and I went to Subway for lunch. His girlfriend and I rode our bikes, and my son rode his new longboard skateboard.

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