Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blogger Provides an Updated Interface--But Does "Updated" Mean Improved?

Blogger has provided a new look for its users to try.

I did, and like a fool forgot to back up my template. The updated Blogger interface has some cool features, such as providing a "magazine" look to the blog posts.

The process is not complete, though, so when I checked out the new interface, my current design was altered significantly. Also, the new interface lacks some of the features that the current templates have--at least to my understanding. My masthead was removed, my gadgets disappeared, and some HTML that I'd customized for replying to comments was lost. The "update" was not just for the post section of the template but affected the sidebars also.

If you plan to play around, be sure to save your current template settings. Then you can go back to what you have. Let's hope so, anyway. I'm not convinced that my current look is exactly what I had before.

So be careful when trying that button. Google is also playing around with gmail. I'm trying not to be a conservative stick-in-the-mud, but sometimes all these changes from Google, Microsoft, and their ilk seem to be just a way to demonstrate change rather than improvement.

Give me new things to try. Let me pick and choose. I applaud Blogger for its efforts. Before urging us to try the changes, though, first remind us to save our current templates.

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