Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Spooky Post-Halloween Confession

I'm not sure if this is one confession or two: Snickers and Coca Cola.

I try to eat healthy food--and do a pretty good job of achieving that goal: non-GMO and organic. However, there are two temptations that I succumb to occasionally: Snickers candy bars and Coca Cola.

I've tried healthy substitutes and found some pretty good ones, but . . .

Halloween is a challenge because, even though I live in an area that is outside the trick or treat zone, some years we get a kid or two knocking on the door. What to buy just in case? Somehow, it's those little fun-sized Snickers bars. Any then nobody shows and those little treats are just sitting there, calling to me: "Tom, we're just tiny little candy bars." Four bars later, the mathematical side of my brain kicks in to tell me that four tiny bars equals one big bar.

Coca Cola is more of a traveling temptation. While driving down an interstate freeway in the hot summer, a little tired but miles to go, why not grab a Coke when paying for a tank of gas? What's a little more acidic chemical in an already heated up physiology?

Sustainability is both a journey and a destination.

At least, looking at the total year, these are the exceptions, my little fun-sized secrets. I thought I'd share them. It's said that confession is good for the soul--maybe that also goes for the physiology.

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