Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Email Signatures and Marketing for Independent Publishers

How many clicks through links does it take to get to your novel?

I counted mine from my email signature, and it was three or four, depending on reader choice. Too many.

I also wanted to add the image of my novel to my signature. Using Gmail, it was not as easy as other email services, perhaps, but I've lowered the steps to two, rather than one, which isn't bad.

My email signature will look like this:

Dream magic is the most dangerous of magics because it is so difficult to control.

"The Stone Dragon
will challenge the reader to think about the power of thought and attitude and their effect on the place we forge for ourselves in our world."

"There is an underlying theme of consciousness throughout the book and while Glimmer is on his many adventures. The ending of the story is fantastic and certainly doesn't disappoint."

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The image, the short pitch, two excerpts from reader reviews, links to buy, a link to my website, and a comment on other sites for purchase.

This seems professional and unobtrusive--and is only one click from the store. 

Copyright 2011 by Thomas L. Kepler, all rights reserved

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  1. Although I think long signatures can be intrusive, I also feel that going without one is missing out on a valuable channel. And trying to get people to the store with one click is admirable, and worthy of thought and applied strategy - thank you Tom!