Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reader's Bill of Rights

The following guest post is from blogger extraordinaire Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile. Power to the reader!
I've seen this poster around more than a few times lately, and I still remember the first time I ever saw it. In 4th grade, this was posted in our library at school. We had the coolest librarian, and she was the first one who really sparked my love of eclectic reading.
Now that it's a new year, I'm taking a look back into my past as a reader. These simple little sentences are  still as important to me now as they were back then. So I thought I'd share them with you, and give you a little of my outlook on each.
1) To read anything at any time.
See this people who shop at Walmart at the same time as me? It is perfectly normal for me to pull a paperback out of my purse while shopping. Shopping and reading. Perfect combination!

2) To read anywhere, in any position.
So what if I want to read upside down on the couch? Perhaps the blood rushing to my head helps comprehension. (No really, I do this.)

3) To read without intrusion.
There is a reason why I hide in the bedroom at a particularly good part in my book. All that's missing is a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door.

4) To move your lips while you read.
I don't personally do this, but I totally laugh out loud sometimes. This doesn't work well when you're reading on the bus.

5) To read as slowly as you like.
Honestly, it will take me weeks to get through some books. That is why I like number 6...

6) To read several books at one time.
If a book looses my interest for a bit, I start a new one and come back. I often read 5 or 6 books at the same time. I admit it.

7) To underline favorite passages.
This is one thing I don't do, but I'm OCD about my books. All of them (even ones I've had for years) still look brand new.

8) To ignore literary critics.
You may not love a book, but I will. I may totally dislike a book that you praise. Live and let live.

9) To skip pages or chapters.
I admit it. I've skipped all the way to the middle of a book, just to see if it got any more interesting. If I'm investing my reading time, I want something to happen!

10) To read the last chapter first.
Guilty. Especially in books that I am not sure about reading yet.

11) To stop reading in the middle.
Heck. To stop reading 50 pages in! If the book isn't enticing me, I move on to something new. Too many books, too little time.

12) To read a book over and over again.
The Goose Girl, Stargirl, The Tale of Desperaux. All these are books I've read at least 3 or 4 times each. If you fall in love, it's okay to stay in love.
So there you have it! Do you follow any of these? If this is your first time seeing this awesome set of reader's rights, steal away! It isn't mine to hold onto anyway. I found it through an amazing librarian, and I pass it on whenever possible.

Happy reading!

Thank you, Jessica. I would add one more: "To buy an extension cord so my e-reader won't conk out when I'm on the last chapter!

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