Monday, July 2, 2012

My Books Discounted 50% to Free During Smashwords' July E-book Sale

50% discount, 50% discount, and free: my e-books are on sale.

Smashwords Summer Winter Promotion--that's what it's called because it's summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the south.

My three e-books at Smashwords are discounted, and I hope you enjoy the sale.
  • The Stone Dragon, discounted 50%, coupon code SSW50 ($2.50). Dream magic is the most dangerous of magics because it is so difficult to control. "The source that is not dreaming, sleeping, or waking . . . perhaps the salvation of us all. An interesting journey into the creation of reality from the source, enabled by a cup of cabbage tea."
  • Who Listened to Dragons, Three Stories, 100% discount, coupon code SSWIN, free book. Set in the same reality as the fantasy novel The Stone Dragon, three short stories continue the magic of the novel. Two brothers--one the strange one, the other the brother of the strange one, desert and wyrm, river's daughters or river nymphs, soldiers or assassins, retribution or abomination . . . Visit a land where magic makes all things are possible.
  • Love Ya Like a Sister, discounted 50%, coupon code SSW50 ($1.50). "The author has described Love Ya Like a Sister as young adult chick lit with a male protagonist. While that seems like a strange description, it’s a good one. Although chick lit should have a protagonist who is a chick, that is the only reason this book couldn’t be considered chick lit. It has the other defining elements, primarily being 'a personal and foible-filled journey toward self-understanding and self-awareness.'" (from Big Al's Books and Pals review)
Right now I'm working on the revision of the sequel to The Stone Dragon, a novel titled Dragons of Blood and Stone. However, it's always nice to share books--and that includes mine.

On each of the links above, the Smashwords book page will open. The promotional code is included on that page to give you the savings. 

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