Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Writing Goals for 2013

My teaching job has been so full of activity that for the last four and a half months I haven't written on the Dragons of Blood and Stone series. 

I feel some pinch with that but also feel good that I've been looking after my health and happiness--although writing is a part of my happiness.

Here are my writing goals for 2013:
  1. Rewrite my rough draft of Dragons of Blood and Stone at least once. For me, Draft 2 is always the hardest. If I complete D2, then I will be in good shape to continue with the novel.
  2. Clean up my blog and online web presence so that Tom Kepler Writing is more purely about my writing and not a "catch-all" site. This will be easier now that I've started Tom Kepler Bicycling as my alter-ego's writing site. I keep looking at other writers' sites and have some ideas of how I can simplify the overall look.
  3. I'd like to start marketing again. The major marketing strategy will be centered on reviews. Last February, I was sick with walking pneumonia and all projects outside of my job and getting well ground to a halt. I published I Write: Being & Writing in September, but the intensity of school minimized any continued marketing of any of my books.
  4. As I write for my bicycling blog, I plan to keep in mind the potential for using those articles for a book on bicycling. I enjoyed writing a non-fiction book and publishing it. Doing another should be much easier and faster the second time around.
Goals that focus on both fiction and non-fiction writing, on my website, and on marketing what I've published  should just about give me time to sleep and eat. At least I won't be bored because I have nothing to do.

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