Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tom Kepler Bicycling: a new blog that I hope you subscribe to

Fairfield, Iowa, is a bicycle-friendly town.

Jefferson County is a bicycle-friendly county. And southeast Iowa, with its rural population, its half dozen state parks and even more county parks is also a great place to bike. I'm surrounded by opportunities for bike touring and camping, whether day rides, overnighters, or multi-day excursions.

That means, being me, I'm also surrounded with opportunities to write, research, and share my enthusiasm about bicycles. What better place to do that than one a blog--and thus came the birth of Tom Kepler Bicycling, my blog dedicated to human-powered vehicles and their place in society. I will now have a place to write about bicycling--and that will allow me to focus more on just writing with this blog.

On top of the geographic advantages for biking in Fairfield, enthusiasts and health-conscious citizens have created opportunities for healthy exercise, from biking trails in Jefferson County Park to the Fairfield Loop Trail that circles Fairfield. It's possible to ride the fourteen-mile loop on cement and lime chip trails, only having to cross car-accessed roads a handful of times.

Let me add one more plus for bicycles and Fairfield: A.J.'s Bike Shop. Fairfield is graced with a dedicated professional bike mechanic who stocks his store for all things "bicycular." Need a repair? Take it to A.J.'s. Need a bike-ready grocery bag, a computer bag with rack hooks, a trailer, a new bike? A.J.'s is the place to go.

That's why I've started a new blog, Tom Kepler Bicycling. Fairfield deserves praise for its support of human-powered transportation. It's a chance for me to enjoy writing about my biking experiences and for finding others who want to share their knowledge and experience also. We should celebrate that which we love. I celebrate with words.

Go to my new site. If you like it and think you'll find motivating, enjoyable, and informative, sign up for the site, using the prompt in the right sidebar. That way, when I post a new article, you will receive an email letting you know.

My blog posts for the next couple of months will be on what's possible: book reviews, equipment overviews, possible touring routes in Southeast Iowa. Many future articles will be about places to go for fun day rides--healthy, fun, and free. Don't miss out.

Oh, and there might be a few posts about riding in cold weather--assuming my fingers aren't too numb to type.

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