Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Congratulations to Greg Thatcher's Crowd-funding Kickstarter Project and Its Supporters

With the help of Greg Thatcher's friends, patrons of the arts, and lovers of England's sacred yew trees, the crowd-funding Kickstarter project that I wrote about last week has achieved its funding level. Success! Congratulations to all who participated in this effort.

Greg's project goal was the following:
One month intensive drawing in Painswick, Gloucester, UK. The goal is to finish a detailed drawing, and research galleries in the UK .

The "Plein Air" video above provides, for me, all the reasons why it is so good and meaningful that this project has met its financial Kickstarter goal and has been funded. We should all be proud to be supporters of such a good endeavor.

As Greg says in the video, "These trees deserve to be honored." We have just given the means to do so to an honorable man.

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