Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Enter a Fun Flash Fiction Contest (How's That for Alliteration?)

I've entered a writing contest, winners determined by reader votes.

Every week the independent publishing blog for writers, Indies Unlimited, has an informal flash fiction contest for its readers. You can vote on the winner, voting deadline today, 5 o'clock PM Pacific time.

A writing prompt of text and photo is provided, and the submission must be no more than 250 words. I submit a story every now and then when a prompt gives me an idea that will fit into a story that could be used in a collection of stories I'm writing set within the Dragons of Blood and Stone fantasy series. When I finally gather enough short stories, I'll publish a collection titled Tales of the Stone Dragon Inn.

Winners are determined by vote, so I'm giving my readers here a chance to read some short, short stories, to observe some writers having fun, and to provide you a chance to vote on your favorite story. Sorry this is such short notice, but I've been busy taking education classes for a couple of days.

This week's topic was "The Great Dessert Riot."

Here's the link to the voting blog post. That link also provides a link to the contest short stories, which are in the comments section.

Have fun. My entry isn't titled, but I'll call it "Piety" if I use it for my short story selection. Enjoy.

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