Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Blogging Trials and Tribulations of Tom Kepler

My blog has not been working for about two weeks.

The URL redirect connection was broken somehow, and it took some deep digging to discover how and where.

Part of this digging was due to the fact that my blog was set up originally through Blogger, and I bought my dotcom URL and had it set up just by touching a button on the Blogger site. All is fixed now, so I happy to be back in touch.

This has led me to considering how I contact readers out in the electronic world of reading devices. I'll be writing more about that later--establishing a newsletter and looking closely at Facebook possibilities for more absolute connections.

For now, the most foolproof way to receive my blog posts is to do an email sign-up. On my blog's sidebar is "Easy Email Way to Follow." This just sends an email of my posts to you. There is also a link on the title, so you can read more easily and see any images.

You are sent a confirmation notice to ensure the request is not spam or phishing.


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